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PACT is a multinational engineering company specializing in custom design, manufacturing and contracting of water treatment, wastewater treatment and water desalination. A great majority of PACT clients are global companies, leaders in their industry.

PACT combines decades of experience in design, manufacture and operation of water and wastewater treatment plants in a variety of industries. PACT design and process engineers are a select group of professionals that have gained their experience operating and/or managing major industrial water and wastewater treatment plants.

PACT's product capacities range from package units of few cubic meters per day to custom-designed systems of tens of thousands of cubic meters per day. Installations worldwide cover the full range of those capacities both in water and wastewater treatment. Typical industries served are pharmaceutical, semiconductor, automobile and auto parts, power, chemical, petrochemical and food and beverage.

PACT operates locally in many countries. Its policy of maximizing local content whether products or engineering services, insures lower costs and prompt after-sales service.

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